Teaching History and Science Using What? Incorporating Artifacts into Your Lessons

In this workshop, participants explore techniques that develop students’ academic oral language skills through science and history topics. By integrating language and content, teachers create relevant lessons and enhance student motivation. These collaborative discussion tools also help students apply academic vocabulary and information from texts in engaging ways.

Dr. William Parkinson

Curator of Anthropology
Field Museum, Chicago, IL
National Geographic Society Grantee

Andrea Kingman

Exec. Product Marketing Manager
National Geographic Learning | Cengage

Mark Hoffman

Senior Product Marketing Manager
National Geographic Learning | Cengage

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Bring the world into your classroom! Join Bill, Mark and Andrea in this lively session where they’ll explore how to use actual artifacts to teach science and history. The artifacts may be represented in the textbook and digital program you are using or you may have an artifact at home from your travels. Material culture adds a dimension to learning that cannot be replaced by the written word. Let us demonstrate how to teach a lesson with artifacts from afar or from your own community — or your own home.
In this webinar replay, you will leave with these fresh ideas:
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