Real World Forensics: How to Identify 9/11 Victims Using STR Profile Analysis

In this workshop, participants explore techniques that develop students’ academic oral language skills through science and history topics. By integrating language and content, teachers create relevant lessons and enhance student motivation. These collaborative discussion tools also help students apply academic vocabulary and information from texts in engaging ways.

Anthony “Bud” Bertino
Patricia Nolan Bertino

Trainers, co-authors of
Forensic Science: Fundamentals and Investigations

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Use inexpensive DNA teaching models to help students understand the structure of DNA, chromosomes, genes, and STRs (Short Tandem Repeats). Engage students through phenomenon-based learning to solve the identity of a 9/11 victim using STR profile analyses of the victim, two young boys, and their mother. Observe how to present the STR profile analysis so that it is easily understood by all students. This activity uses the historical event of the 9/11 attack to integrate biology, history, technology, and math while focusing on a human-interest story.
In this webinar replay, you will:
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