Collecting Data On Hummingbirds and Myself – Students Can Too!

In this workshop, participants explore techniques that develop students’ academic oral language skills through science and history topics. By integrating language and content, teachers create relevant lessons and enhance student motivation. These collaborative discussion tools also help students apply academic vocabulary and information from texts in engaging ways.

Anusha Shankar

National Geographic Explorer, Rose Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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Anusha Shankar has spent 9 years studying how hummingbirds manage their energy and their time. In the process, she started collecting data on herself – especially her moods and what they were influenced by, and her time and how she allocated it. Anusha thinks collecting information systematically on yourself can give you insight that is difficult to get any other way. And this might be a way students can learn more about themselves and their connection to the world around them! Anusha will share her hummingbird research with students in National Geographic Learning’s upcoming high school Biology program launching in late 2022.
In this webinar replay, you will:
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