Career Exploration – The Key to Career Success

Antonette Adams

Career & Technical Education Senior Product Marketing Manager • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

Happy CTE Month from National Geographic Learning | Cengage!

How many of us pondered in our early childhood years, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” When asked by a family member, we would enthusiastically shout: “A doctor! A nurse! A teacher! A firefighter! A police officer! A businessperson! A baseball player!” While these professions are honorable and aspirational at this early age, children have little awareness of the vast number of career fields and professional opportunities that exist. In elementary school, core academic knowledge is the focus. It is truly during the middle school and high school journey when career exploration becomes critical to helping students understand the importance of applying academic knowledge and identifying career interests and passions. This time of introspection and career exploration helps steer students toward a career pathway for success in college, careers, and life.

As an educational publisher serving teachers and students for more than 100 years, National Geographic Learning | Cengage (NGL) celebrates CTE Month, a nationally recognized event to raise awareness of the role that Career and Technical Education has in preparing learners for college and career success. 

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We are proud to partner with CTE teachers and educators in helping make students’ dreams a reality.

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