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Empowering the Next Generation: The Role of Visual Literacy in Education

Declining scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for U.S. History and Reading within primary education have ignited concerns among educators, policymakers, and parents. According to The Nation’s Report Card¹­‚² a government website, the average U.S. history and reading scores for eighth graders across the United States are down 9 points since 2014. This trend not only highlights the challenges in traditional pedagogical approaches but also demands innovative strategies to engage students and enhance learning outcomes…


Lasting Impact: Thank you, Tim Shipp!

This is teacher appreciation week, and for me maybe the most impactful one I’ll ever have. Teachers shape us more than we realize, and in ways that ultimately influence your life for decades to come. For me, one stands out by far – who happens to be “hanging it up” this year. Tim Shipp will retire from teaching this year, but his influence will continue for many years to come.

sunset over mountains

#ThankATeacher: Celebrating Educator Appreciation Week

PSA: My birthday is this week. (Yes, I am very big on birthdays- even as an old lady.) Do you know what else is this week? Teacher Appreciation Week. And in this day and age, I believe it’s critical that we focus on EDUCATOR Appreciation Week. Why, you ask? Well, how many people influence your child every single day? And, we are not only facing a teacher shortage in our schools today, but we are also facing a shortage of every single person who could make a difference for your child during his or her day at school. Don’t you think it’s worth a few minutes of your time to say thank you?



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