Career & Technical Education

Skyscrapers from a low angle view in Shanghai,China.

Work-Based Learning: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment

Today’s educational demands require students, educators, institutions, and businesses to look beyond the four walls of a classroom for inspiration and preparedness. A learning concept that extends beyond the physical confines of a building is Work-Based Learning (WBL). WBL is an educational strategy that integrates classroom learning with practical work experiences…

Desert Flowers

Listening to the Student Voice: Fostering Belonging, Inclusion, and Learning

Today’s learners will be tomorrow’s leaders, and the conversations that unfold within the classroom serve as the bedrock upon which students will build their lives in the years ahead. While from the outside, the roles of educator and student as giver vs receiver of knowledge (respectively) is clear, we as educators know that we learn as much from our students as they learn from us (sometimes more)…