Celebrating LatinX Culture

Isabella Hollingsworth-Sons

Digital Marketing Coordinator • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

From the 15th of September through the 15th of October, we at National Geographic Learning join the nation in celebrating Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. During this time, we celebrate the rich culture of Hispanic and Latinx communities that’s seen through the lens of National Geographic Explorers, authors, teachers, and learners. We celebrate the diverse histories and traditions of people with roots in Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and so much more

Introduce this storied month to your classroom through National Geographic Resource collections that amplify Latinx voices and provide students with insights into historical events, social change initiatives, conservation efforts, and more! Classroom activities bring real-world research and change makers directly to your students and are perfect for a range of learners, grades 4-12.

Share and learn about the paramo ecosystem in Colombia’s Chingaza National Park with your middle school-level learners this month. Inspire students through the lens of Biology and Ecology by highlighting conservation efforts made by the Colombian government and non-governmental organizations to preserve the bear population and ensure a steady supply of drinking water to the municipalities in Bogotá.

Explore high school STEM topics with National Geographic Explorer Paola Rodriguez, as she explains the importance of scientific markers like microalgae levels and ocean acidification in identifying changes in the coral reef’s eco-system off the coast of Puerta Vallarta. Learn about the resiliency of the reefs off the coast of Mexico and how Paola’s work is helping to protect the ocean’s biodiversity.

National Geographic Learning offers an entire suite of learning options completely in Spanish – including Spanish versions and resources built within some of our main middle school and high school social studies and science programs. We also offer a selection of Spanish programs from elementary through high school that showcase the power of the language through focused cultural literature – such as, “Canciones y cutentos,” or “¡Exploremos!.”

During this month and throughout the year, we encourage educators to share stories of Hispanic and Latinx cultures and triumphs with students. We recognize the role that culture plays in everyday life and how it connects us.

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