Celebrating Women’s History Month with National Geographic Learning

Isabella Hollingsworth-Sons

Digital Marketing Coordinator • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

March is Women’s History Month (WHM), a month dedicated by the U.S. and several other countries around the world to celebrate women. In 2023, we celebrate the 36th anniversary of this occasion, with U.S. Congress having designated the entire month of March in 1987, extending it from a week-long celebration, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Celebrating Women’s History Month is an essential part of creating an equitable approach to education. Women were not included in history books for most of previous centuries — being diminished, overlooked, or forgotten completely. Coverage often lacked the entire story and change was needed.

Educators such as Molly Murphy MacGregor were spurred to action putting together teaching materials highlighting the history of women in America and their accomplishments in politics, environmental activism, and abolitionist movements. Students, when studying these materials became inspired to learn more and became interested in learning the names of powerful women like Harriet Tubman and Rachel Carson. With a push from teachers and students alike, women rallied together toward federal recognition of women’s history.

Today, WHM is celebrated by major brands, educational institutions, and federal agencies. In this month, women are empowered to learn and to teach, continuing to uncover forgotten stories and celebrate a new breath of empowerment with an intersectional approach.

At National Geographic Learning, we proudly celebrate by highlighting our expansive list of women authors, who inspire, lead, and explore in social studies, science, math, English language learning, and career/technical education. As a proud collaborator with the National Geographic Society, we proudly share resources from their free library that house teaching materials for K-12 students.  

Explore with your 6-12 students how civil rights activist Susan B. Anthony voted in the 1872 presidential election, spurring the women’s suffrage movement. 

Take your 9-12 students on a biological and artistic journey by learning about ethologist and conservationist Jane Goodall and her behavioral studies with chimpanzees.  

Have your 5th-grade students learn about unique, oddball animals with zoologist Lucy Cooke as she studies biology of rare animals through videos.  

Delve into WHM with kid-friendly resources by Nat Geo Kids, celebrating the achievements of women in an accessible way. 

In our National Geographic Learning | Cengage textbooks, e-Books, and online learning programs, we bring the world into the classroom and the classroom to life with our immersive materials. Our new Biology title meets NGSS standards and highlights features from female authors and Explorers presenting their stories and backgrounds relevant to the learning content.  

Our Social Studies suite explores American history, world history, and beyond with diverse stories, project-based learning, and immersive learning options. 

Our partnership with Big Ideas Learning teaches mathematics in a cohesive way from kindergarten to grade 12 and focuses on equitable approaches to math education.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate powerful women live with your students in National Geographic’s Explorer Classroom. This month Explorers Dalal Hana and Carmen Chavez explore their research in conservation science and tropical biology. Explorer Classrooms are hosted all year long, these live interactive sessions connect young students K-12 with real Nat Geo Explorers to hear the behind-the-scenes stories and interact with cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and powerful storytellers from around the globe. Your classroom might even have the chance to join the session on camera and ask questions. Learn more about these free, open-to-public events.  

At National Geographic Learning, we encourage educators to celebrate Women’s History all year long. Explore the accomplishments of women in civil rights, science, conservation, arts, and so much more with Nat Geo resources. To learn more about us, visit our website today. 

March is Women’s History Month
How women claimed their place in America’s history books

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