Cengage Group Recognizes Career and Technical Education Month

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America is experiencing a skills gap with employers struggling to find workers, especially in industries that include technical and trade positions. We’re also seeing learners demand more choice and flexibility in their paths from education to employment. They want to be sure the education they choose leads to a secure, well-paying job. Career and technical education (CTE) could be the answer.

CTE encompasses training and education programs that prepare learners for careers in high-skill areas, including:

– Agricultural Sciences
– Audio/Visual
– Automotive
– Building and Construction (Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Welding)
– Culinary Arts
– Healthcare

With the designation of February as CTE Month, the Association for Career and Technical Education hopes to raise awareness about the benefits of CTE programs and the importance of CTE for learners of all ages.

To learn more about career and technical education and its benefits, we spoke to Jason F., Portfolio Product Director and Jamie D., Senior Director, Marketing.

Jason is the Product Director for Career, Pre-Professional, and Career and Technical Education. He leads a team of product managers who are responsible for the strategy, development and delivery of Cengage Group’s products in these course areas. His team identifies student and instructor needs, tracks competitor moves and monitors market trends to develop products best suited for today’s learners.

Jamie leads a product marketing team for National Geographic Learning K-12. Her team helps ensure customers are aware of our solutions and understand how we meet their needs to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. She has been working in education for 20 years, starting as an elementary school teacher and moving through campus and district administration before entering EdTech.

Read the full discussion on CengageGroup.com.

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