Cereal Boxes, Colanders, and the Total Solar Eclipse

Beth Boland

Strategic State Adoption Manager • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

Thinking back to childhood, I have memories that stand out as magical. The wonder of a first snow, a beautiful shell on the beach, or long summer evenings with the sound of cicadas. I guess it all depends on where you call home.

My point, on April 8th, big kids and little kids alike have an amazing opportunity to add some wonder to the old memory bank. If you happen to live in the path of totality, prepare to be amazed! NASA has a great interactive eclipse explorer showing you the where and the when! Don’t miss your chance. The next solar eclipse in the US won’t happen for another twenty years!

If you are among the lucky, bring out the eclipse glasses and raid your kitchen for cereal boxes and colanders! Embrace the awe! Here are some ideas from NASA for viewing the eclipse safely:

• Eclipse Cereal Box Viewer

• Viewing Through a Kitchen Colander

I say invite the neighbors! Make those solar eclipse cupcakes, heartily chew on some Wrigley’s ®Eclipse gum! Be awed by what you see and listen for what you won’t hear. You can tell me what you make of that after the big event!

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