How Google Classroom Prevails in a Post-Covid Landscape

Megan Fileccia

Senior Product Marketing Manager • Digital Learning Platforms • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

How many of us have a notebook or at least one Post-It(s) somewhere in our office with a password written down for online access to something?  According to a new study (2021), reports that 57 percent of American employees are currently writing down work-related passwords on sticky notes.

Teachers and students, like those of us at our own jobs, must manage many accounts to access various online tools and resources.  COVID resulted in the need for even more account creation, which in turn, led to more required login credentials.

As a result, MANY of these impacted schools, in an effort to streamline access points for themselves and their students, began to increase usage of Google Classroom.

Several teachers that I spoke with recently indicated that they used Google Classroom as their one-stop shop for everything related to classroom management.  Within Google Classroom, teachers can post assignments, post discussion questions, post videos, and host virtual classes through Google Meets all in one place. 

Students also benefit greatly from Google Classroom. Taryn, a student from a school district in a Chicago suburb told me, “I use google classroom for multiple hours every day as my teachers post classwork, homework, lesson presentations, and other resources.”  Parents that I spoke with who had students using Google Classroom felt like it was easier to support their student’s classwork and be more engaged in their student’s schoolwork.

Given the prevalence of Google Classroom across the country, I was excited to hear about how student learning materials provided by publishers like National Geographic Learning can be made available right at point-of-use for students.  Students log into their Google Classroom class and with one click are able to access their coursework seamlessly. Thinking about my Post-It note of usernames and passwords, it will be nice for students to have less to manage.

I also know from those recent conversations with teachers how cumbersome it was at the start of the school year to register students into all the different systems. Now that is eliminated once their Google Classroom is linked to their NGL/Cengage course. What a relief!

How does it work at National Geographic Learning?  The instructor will create an account and course from NGLSync, our access portal. Then they just link that course to their Google Classroom class. That simple!  When the students log into their Google Classroom Class they see their NGL course link and once selected they have seamless access to their materials.

Being able to access content the way that works best for me based upon my preferences and workflow is important to me.  My educator friends have shared that same sentiment.  Having easy to access content by having to register/create and manage fewer accounts and passwords sounds like a WIN/WIN to me.  How would having to manage fewer account logins impact your work?

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