How MindTap Can Enhance Your Classroom

Jeremy Walts

Senior Director of Product Marketing • Math, Science and Digital Learning • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

Want to learn a bit more about MindTap? Watch this short video introducing MindTap and how it can enhance your classroom.

And in case you’d just prefer to read about it, here is the script for you:

“Learning is more than the number of A’s on your report card. It’s about creating the drive to stay engaged, focused, and on task. National Geographic Learning/Cengage presents a brand new personalized learning experience for teachers and students. MindTap empowers students and supports teachers!

MindTap is a learning space where teachers and students access rich content and assignments in a simple, integrated user experience. Every time they sign in, students focus where you want them to focus, pushing them to strive for better results. No distractions.

Content includes digital textbooks, multimedia activities, assignments, and a variety of formal and informal assessments. Building on the student experience, teachers also have access to interactive teacher materials to effectively and efficiently support every student’s learning.

A powerful digital textbook developed specifically for mobile students provides a highly visual experience that is optimized for different devices and includes audio, note-taking, and highlighting functionality to support mastery of content.

Encourage positive outcomes by managing students in real-time. Spend less time grading and more time responding immediately to students who are struggling. Adjustable readability levels give students the ability to engage with learning materials in a way they never have before.

All MindTap materials – the interactive digital textbook, activities, resources, and assessment — is searchable by state standards or skills, giving teachers the flexibility and ease of finding the content that addresses their specific curriculum goals.

Accessing MindTap is simple. NGL Sync enables LMS integration and rostering, providing seamless access to students and teachers. Set worries aside—service and support begins at the start of the year and continues throughout your MindTap implementation.

MindTap builds confidence for both students and teachers. Student learning is elevated with rich, differentiated content that helps students achieve grade-level mastery. Improve outcomes by engaging students in a powerful digital experience that makes learning fun.”

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