In the Blink of an AI – Time to Shift our CTE Assessments

ChatGPT, Dall-E, Bard, Synthesia, and Decktopus. What’s a person to do? We survived other technology – the PC, the Internet, Wikipedia – and we’ll survive artificial intelligence.

Join Cengage co-authors Les Dlabay and Brad Kleindl for insights on not only how to survive but thrive in using AI for your Career and Technical Education course planning, creating class assignments, and developing student AI career skills.

Corinne Hoisington

Professor of Information Systems Technology, Author, Speaker

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Thanks to ChatGPT, educators need new methods of assessment that are NON-TEXT in nature. It is highly necessary to create assessment methods that require students to produce authentic, novel, and personalized responses, which can help educators stay ahead of the uncertainty and workload that AI writers create. In this presentation, you will see tons of examples of new ways to assess that are not text-based!

Plus, discover the transformative potential of AI in education with real-world examples of AI-generated lesson plans, interactive activities, personalized feedback, multimedia resources, and authentic assessments.

This session will:
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