Inform. Inspire. Educate. Re-imagining CTE for the 21st Century

Adam Bolingbroke

Associate Director, Product Marketing, AP® & CTE • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

Happy CTE Month! Join National Geographic Learning in the celebration!

Career and Technical Education (CTE) has a nearly 150-year track record of dynamic change and evolution. Despite its longevity and history, CTE is still a pillar of innovation, designed to equip learners with a blend of academic knowledge, practical skills, and real-world experiences. It also remains a leading approach to education that prepares individuals for the complex challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century workforce. Today, CTE is on a transformative journey to reshape itself into a model that not only prepares students for current job markets but instills a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

In a recent webinar, National Geographic Learning was joined by Dr. Sharon Baksh, CTE Curriculum Specialist for Chicago Public Schools, Dr. Tim Krieg, Director of Secondary Curriculum, School City of Hobart, and Rachna Nath, CEO and Founder of DRIPBL STEAM Analytics to explore how the principles of inform, inspire, and educate are re-imagining CTE.

Inform: Beyond traditional boundaries

CTE challenges and expands the traditional framework of education by fostering an environment that encourages innovation, critical thinking, and creativity. It promotes a holistic learning model where hands-on experience is valued equally with theoretical knowledge, positioning students as active participants in their educational journey. Integrating real-world applications and embracing technological advancements into the curriculum, CTE ensures that learners are well-equipped to navigate and succeed in a globally connected and rapidly changing world.

Students working over computer codes in team

Inspire: Building bridges with industries

Central to re-imagining CTE are the strategic partnerships formed with industry leaders and community organizations. These alliances bring real-world context and relevance into educational settings. This offers students insights into potential career paths and the dynamics of the workforce. Through direct engagement with professionals and involvement in community projects, learners acquire practical experience, building the confidence and skills needed for their future careers. Such collaborative efforts not only enrich the educational experience but smooth the transition from academic settings to professional environments, unlocking new opportunities for students.

Educate: Embracing diversity and equity

At the core of modern CTE is a strong commitment to diversity and equity, aiming to create inclusive learning environments where every student can thrive. This commitment extends beyond acknowledging diversity to implementing equitable practices that guarantee access to resources, opportunities, and support for all learners. By actively working to dismantle systemic barriers and fostering an inclusive culture, CTE programs strive to empower students from diverse backgrounds. This focus on equity ensures that every student is seen, valued, and provided with the means to succeed. In doing so, CTE embraces a wide array of perspectives and experiences, enhancing the learning environment and preparing students to be effective contributors in a diverse global society.

The future of CTE: A collaborative vision

Re-imagining CTE for the 21st century is a collective effort that necessitates the active engagement of educators, industry professionals, and communities, to solidify CTE as an indispensable component of modern education. This collaborative vision emphasizes innovation and fosters meaningful partnerships while also championing a commitment to inclusivity. As CTE evolves, it promises a future where educational experiences and career readiness are seamlessly woven together. Every student is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and perspectives to forge their own unique paths to success. This holistic approach to learning underscores the importance of the educational journey itself, preparing learners to make meaningful contributions and flourish in a dynamic, interconnected global community.

Webinar: INFORM. INSPIRE. EDUCATE. Reimagining CTE for the 21st Century Workforce

Join the vanguard of education, Dr. Sharon Baksh, Dr. Tim Krieg, and Rachna Nath, as they delve into the future of Career and Technical Education (CTE), offering a fresh perspective on how we can equip our students for success in this dynamic, ever-changing world.
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