Success With Your LMS

Isabella Hollingsworth-Sons

Digital Marketing Coordinator • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

In recent years, the emergence of classroom technology has revolutionized traditional K12 learning environments. From the way students learn to the way instructors teach, using technology is standard in every classroom in America. The accessibility of digital platforms provide a wealth of benefits for not only students but for teachers. The ability to have all classroom information at your fingertips, no matter where you are, is an essential part of a successful learning experience.  

With all online tools available to teachers, online learning management systems, or LMS’s prove to be the most essential tool for instructors to create and maintain organizational structures. These digital platforms provide a wealth of benefits for K-12 teachers, streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing communication, fostering collaboration, and facilitating personalized learning experiences. Having rostering, gradebooks, and classroom materials all in one system for all classes helps teachers stay on task.  

At National Geographic Learning, we are proud to be leaders in the education industry and provide easy access to our learning options from your LMS. We proudly partner with Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace and Moodle, keeping everything in one spot. These integrations empower you and your students in and out of the classroom. These integrations offer teachers exclusive benefits:

•  Creating a Seamless Single Sign-On User Experience
With LMS Integration, your students are ready to learn on the first day of school. In just a few simple steps, both you and your students can access National Geographic Learning/Cengage resources using your district’s LMS login. 

•  Customizes Content with Assignment Linking
Focus your student’s attention on what matters most. Use our Content Selector to create a unique learning path that blends your content with links to our learning activities, assignments, and more. 

•  Synchronizes Grades Automatically 
Save time and sync your activities with your LMS gradebook with our easy-to-use programs.  Need to have your course grades recorded in your LMS gradebook? No problem. Simply select the activities you want synched! 

At National Geographic Learning (NGL), we strive to go further. We directly partner with Canvas and Schoology to develop features for teachers that go beyond a single sign-on experience, including customizable assignment and grade syncing. As a part of the Cengage group, we are always exploring better ways to support teachers.  

Cengage’s online learning platform MindTap integrates directly with all our partner LMSs, keeping everything in one spot with no disruptions. This commitment organizes e-learning content in one location for students, allowing them to find everything within their LMS course so that they can focus on real learning instead of where to find content. Teachers are empowered with the ability to expand on MindTap content and link to sources online, in PDFs, in YouTube videos, and through assessments.   

These direct partnerships allow students to access all content with ease. By having one login, students can access MindTap, OWL, and other NGL content without having to memorize multiple passwords. With activities and assessments, students can even track their progress and grades in their LMS gradebook. By working with the LMSs schools use most – like Canvas and Schoology, we can offer improved capabilities in both systems to provide the best customer experience. 

Our commitment to online access only starts with our partner LMS benefits. We have an entire digital success services (DSS) team dedicated to assisting teachers with LMS integration. The DSS team offers virtual 1-on-1 or group training sessions at the convenience of the teacher or administrator. Our team is made up of experts in both NGL products and your LMS system. 

By simplifying administrative tasks, enhancing communication and collaboration, facilitating personalized learning experiences, LMS platforms empower teachers to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. As K-12 education continues to evolve and students become more reliant on online learning options, planning success with your LMS remains a priority for National Geographic Learning. With our DSS team available year-round for consultation and an abundance of on-demand learning resources available, we continue to help teachers achieve success.

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