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Izy Hollingsworth-Sons & Kyla Jacquez

Digital Marketing Coordinator & Digital Marketing Manager • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

As we continue into the Fall 23 academic year, we at National Geographic Learning (NGL) have been working to support you as teachers. As the busyness of the year ramps up, teachers can count on support from NGL, especially when it comes to navigating your online learning resources.

With our commitment to empowering teachers, our learning resources such as MindTap offer an easy-to-use experience for educators to access eTextbooks, assignments, assessments, and more. We design our programs to allow for more focus on teaching, rather than learning technology.

We’ve created an entire library of self-service video playlists to bring learning to your fingertips. In addition to our live training sessions, these short informative videos allow you to learn about navigating your specific program online with ease.

Social Studies teachers can get a play-by-play of “National Geographic American Stories”, from getting started to specific teacher content including assigning activities, accessing extra materials and resources, uploading videos, and creating exams. These playlists are specific to the textbook that you have for your classroom, making it easy to follow along.

We even have videos for students! Student navigation is available within all training playlists, allowing learners to get a feel for the program at their own pace. Teachers can easily share links to the student-centered videos with their classroom.

With playlists, everything about a program is located within one spot, so there’s less digging around for teachers. In our playlists, we even include model lessons. Check out this one from our National Geographic Civic and Citizenship course, where users can get a deep dive into how to implement these programs within their own classroom. 

These engaging videos and model lessons even highlight our more intricate and exciting activities within the online learning resources. Schools that have National Geographic Biology can explore our immersive virtual investigations, available for all units within the textbook. These investigations showcase National Geographic Explorers and researchers who discuss their work directly with students and allow more context for the actual investigation.  

Explore all our available learning playlists today!  

• National Geographic American Government  

• National Geographic Biology 

• National Geographic Civics and Citizenship 

• National Geographic Environmental Science 

• National Geographic American Stories 

• National Geographic America Through the Lens 

• National Geographic World Cultures and Geography 

• National Geographic World History Great Civilizations 

• National Geographic World History Voyages of Exploration 

Find the playlists and our full library of on-demand training resources on our website. 

In addition to our videos, we have an entire digital success services (DSS) team dedicated to assisting teachers with their programs. The DSS team offers virtual 1-on-1 or group training sessions at the convenience of the teacher or administrator. Our team is made up of experts in both NGL products and your Learning Management System, so teachers can keep things easy.   

We are excited for another year of supporting teachers and inspiring students. With our immersive learning options, we are committed to a better learning experience and are here to support you in every way. From video playlists to our dedicated customer support staff. Stay updated with all our NGL updates by following us online and subscribing to our newsletter. 

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