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Kyla Jacquez

Digital Marketing Manager • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

As educators prepare to send students home for the holiday season and end a successful semester, they are also preparing for a strong start in the New Year. As schools have transitioned between remote, hybrid, and in-person teaching, the use of technology in the classroom continues to grow each year.  

The implementation of teaching and learning technology in the classroom is constantly improving, with the intent of building online learning solutions that allow for a more immersive and holistic student experience  and leaves teachers time to focus on teaching. However, according to a recent EdWeek article, 48% of educators said that training they receive for educational tools was “mediocre or poor”, and that there was “little or no follow-up coaching or training”.

At National Geographic Learning, a part of the Cengage Group, we strive to support teachers in all stages of implementing learning technologies. With our ability to connect to a variety of learning management systems, and our extensive options for online learning platforms, we make sure that we’re not just a vendor but a partner in education. We have various teams dedicated to easing the journey between adopting one of our solutions and effectively using it in the classroom and beyond.  

Our Customer Success Consultants (CSC) are a team trained to set up educators for the successful implementation of our products. The CSC team specializes in in-person or virtual group trainings for adopted National Geographic Learning/Cengage print and digital programs. Training sessions are tailored to customer needs based on the program and integration setup of online learning platforms. Trainers are well-versed in the integration setups that schools utilize most – including Canvas and Google Classroom.  The team has been able to support over 530 training sessions for K-12 educators across the country during the busy back-to-school season from June through September in 2022. We were able to gather feedback from some of those educators below. 

This was great. I liked how Brock took the time to ask us what we wanted from the training and then covered those topics exactly.” 

the pace was perfect (not to fast or too slow), demonstrations were super helpful and so was pausing often to ask us if we had questions. Incredibly professional and I look forward to working with her if I have any questions! 

“Trainer knew her group. She was prepared and gave us the material on what we purchased. She gave direct instruction on what we have. It was not a cookie cutter presentation like so many others. Well appreciated.” 

Lori was extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide answers to specific questions related to the online platform. I appreciate so much that she was able to meet with me individually as I seek to build capacity in our district. Her follow up after the meeting was immediate and addressed everything we discussed during the meeting. Thank you so much! I felt much better equipped to support our teachers following our time together. 

Another resource we offer to customers to support their online learning platform needs is our Digital Success Services (DSS) team. This group of agents are specially prepared to assist teachers after the initial setup or group training with the CSC team. This allows users to dive deeper into our programs and ask questions in a supportive, guided, and customized experience. The DSS team offers virtual 1-on-1 training sessions at the convenience of the teacher or administrator With this easy setup, our team completed over 600 sessions between June and October of this year. Here’s what our learning partners had to say about our DSS team:

Brittany was extremely helpful! So much so that I remember she was my initial trainer last year and it was great to be able to pick up where we left off in terms of what my needs were, how far I got in my learning curve last year, and what I hope to do additionally this year. She tracked well with those needs and had the knowledge to bring up suggestions for me to consider that may benefit me and my students down the road. I am very happy with the training and know I can pursue follow-up any time if needed. 

“Dani is one of the best customer service representatives for ANY company that I have ever encountered. She was professional and patient. Her conversation was helpful and showed respect, helping me with my problem without making me feel inadequate in any way. I am thankful to have talked with her today.” 

“The trainers were pheromonal! Our questions were answered, and the trainers were very patient with us as we clicked our way through their tutorial. Cengage provides awesome personal help for their resources. Keep up the good work!” 

As K12 education continues to evolve and becomes more reliant on online learning technologies, National Geographic Learning will continue to set the bar higher. Supporting customers along their journey with specially prepared CSC and DSS teams, along with an abundance of on-demand online learning resources available through our website makes implementation and online learning platform usage a breeze.  

If you are interested in learning more about a group session with our Customer Success Consultants, please contact your sales representative for more information. Click here to schedule a personalized training session today! Finally, learn more  about our many online learning resources by visiting our website today.

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