Teacher Appreciation Week Winner Spotlight

Caroline Cox

Associate Product Marketing Manager • National Geographic Learning | Cengage

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2024, National Geographic Learning | Cengage hosted a giveaway to help spotlight amazing educators across the country. Hundreds of nominations were received and proved that there are incredible things happening in classrooms all over the country. There was one common theme in all nominations and that was inspiration. Teachers, thank you for your continuous commitment to positively inspire your students, communities, and colleagues to learn, grow, and explore. The team at National Geographic Learning | Cengage celebrates you and extends our gratitude for all you do! Read the nominations for some of our Teacher Appreciation Week giveaway winners below.

Melanie Hoffman

Melanie comes up with creative and engaging lessons for her students every day of the week. She spends a lot of time outside of school researching ways to bring the innovative use of technology into the classroom. Her students love her!

Melanie Hoffman
Amanda DeFays

Amanda DeFays

This teacher has worked tirelessly to create a classroom experience for her students that builds each one of them up, helps them reach their dreams, and pushes them to go beyond the boundaries they thought they could ever cross. She helps to ignite the passion for entrepreneurialism for her students by helping them run companies during their senior year. This year, her senior students earned $40,000 in profits and prizes. Each company is challenged to make a difference in their community through donating funds or volunteer hours.

Alex Driscoll

Alex Driscoll is a positive example to his welding students and fellow co-workers. Alex has taught in Catoosa County for a couple of years to high school students and continues to encourage students every day to do their best. He has hands on opportunities for teens to practice welding techniques, inspires them to perform complex tasks, and reminds them they can do hard things. It is a pleasure working with Alex and seeing his excitement for learning and project-based learning. His students love the class but more importantly they are building lifelong skills and are becoming responsible workers of the future. They find value in school now and value in themselves through Alex’s teaching and mentoring.

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips

Helps all students have access to computer science education & also teaches students to respect the environment but running the recycling program.


Kristine Takata

Mrs. Takata is always giving up her time to help her students excel, especially by offering to teach advanced, honors, and AP (biology) classes. She does this humbly and tirelessly each year with no expectations of any recognition or accolades. Her students are well prepared when they arrive to my (chemistry) classes the following year(s). We save a lot of time by not having to do a lot of remedial review and are able to cover a lot of curricular material, all thanks to Mrs. Takata’s dedication to the profession. Also, she (sometimes) feeds her students. Do you know how much high school kids can eat?!


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