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Learning Together: The Transformative Role of Community Engagement in Education

We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, but when you’re working in education, that phrase runs deeper. Creating an environment that cultivates collaboration, critical thinking, and holistic development is essential in preparing students to become good members of society. Through community engagement, we not only support student success but also benefit from this collective mission to educate our young ones. This ripple effect can be passed…

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Success With Your LMS

In recent years, the emergence of classroom technology has revolutionized traditional K12 learning environments. From the way students learn to the way instructors teach, using technology is standard in every classroom in America. The accessibility of digital platforms provide a wealth of benefits for not only students but for teachers. The ability to have all classroom information at your fingertips, no matter where you are, is an essential part of a successful learning experience…

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Celebrating Women’s History Month with National Geographic Learning

March is Women’s History Month (WHM), a month dedicated by the U.S. and several other countries around the world to celebrate women. In 2023, we celebrate the 36th anniversary of this occasion, with U.S. Congress having designated the entire month of March in 1987, extending it from a week-long celebration, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Cengage Group Recognizes Career and Technical Education Month

Cengage Group Recognizes Career and Technical Education Month

America is experiencing a skills gap with employers struggling to find workers, especially in industries that include technical and trade positions. We’re also seeing learners demand more choice and flexibility in their paths from education to employment. They want to be sure the education they choose leads to a secure, well-paying job. Career and technical education (CTE) could be the answer.

Career Exploration – The Key to Career Success

Career Exploration – The Key to Career Success

How many of us pondered in our early childhood years, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” When asked by a family member, we would enthusiastically shout: “A doctor! A nurse! A teacher! A firefighter! A police officer! A businessperson! A baseball player!” While these professions are honorable and aspirational at this early age, children have little awareness of the vast number of career fields and professional opportunities that exist.